Consultation for Business Houses

An Interactive IIMS system to grow Your Business

Applicable for MSMEs & Family Owned Businesses


How is IIMS Consultation different?

All in one, one for all.

Business Solution & Consultation Service of IIMS, seamlessly connects various disciplines in a framework tied by methods and tools. Every block consists of its own tools that gives decision-making clarity from various perspectives. Its modular approach enables the utilization of multiple processes designed for continuous innovation.


Holistic in Disciplines

New Product/Price/Promotion – Design thinking, lean startup, strategic foresight, business modeling, innovation management, business strategy, agile development.

Integrating multiple disciplines enables Business Growth Design through multiple approaches not fixated by one discipline.

Modular in Process

How do you reach the outcome of 8?
1 + 7 = 8.
5 x 3 – 7 = 8

Most methodologies are built as a prescribed linear A-Z process. However, there are many ways to achieve the same outcome. At IIMS Business Progression & Solution Design is a modular system to develop processes through an unlimited combination of methods and tools. It’s just like playing LEGO blocks.


Iterative in Workflow

The only constant is change. Designing New Experiences and building New Principles for the organizations were never done. There are constant problems, improvements and evolutions to iterate upon. Business Consultation idealization is based on iterative cycle approach consisting of 5 phases in each cycle.

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